Using DocuSign®

Electronic Signatures Simplified – DocuSign®

If you have an email address, you can use an electronic signature program to sign all documents required in a real estate transaction with a REALTOR®.  I use a program called DocuSign® for electronic signatures. If you’re ever having trouble signing a document I’ve sent you, feel free to phone me, most times I’m able to walk you through it over the phone.

How does DocuSign® work?

It works on all smart phones, tablets, laptops, and computers. You don’t need to install any software, or have a printer or a scanner, to be able to use this service. You will require an internet connection and a secure, personal email address.
    1. I will send you a copy of the document needing to be signed to your email.
    2. You click the link to “Review Documents”
    3. You accept the use of electronic signatures (check a box, click “Agree”)
    4. You scroll down and read the entire contract. If you want any changes made you notify your REALTOR®.
    5. You scroll back up to the top and begin by clicking the first initial or signature box you see.
    6. It will put in an initial or signature as required. *See below for tips regarding choosing signatures
    7. Continue scrolling to the next box or click “Next” which will quickly take you to the next box.
    8. Once all boxes are filled, then click “Finish” at the top or bottom of the document.
    9. A window will pop up asking you if you want to create a free DocuSign® account, this is not necessary to use the service.
    10. Once all of the signatories have signed the document, the program will automatically compile all the signatures into one document and send a copy of the finished document to each signatory and to the REALTOR®.

*Tips for choosing signatures:

The signing experience is slightly different depending on whether the device you’re using has a touchscreen or not. Below are general guidelines as every device is different and may respond differently, please call if you’re having difficulty and I’ll walk you through it no matter which device you use.

Cell phones or tablets (touchscreen devices):
the program will ask you to draw your signature in a box on the device, and then to draw your initials. Once accepted, this is what is used to autofill the boxes as you click on them.

Laptop or desktop: the program will pop up with a set of initials and signature and ask you to accept these as your own to use in the program. It also provides options to draw your own or choose from a selection of options.
One email address only, shared between signatories: you can still use this program. Each of you would receive your own email for signing your own name. I recommend closing the browser window and email program between each signer for best ease of use.

Why DocuSign® is legal:
The look of the signature doesn’t matter as much as the secure use of the program does. It’s ok if it doesn’t look like your actual signature. This is why all of the above signature options are considered valid and legal.

It is assumed when you use this program that the email you’ve given to the REALTOR® to use is an email address that only you have the password for and only you control. Therefore, no one is able to impersonate you on these contracts because they would not have access to your email account.

An additional security measure is all signatories will need to attend with their legal representative upon completion of the contract to conduct the transfer of property and provide their signatures in person.

Call Rebecca Ryane REALTOR® if you would like to know more about using the DocuSign® program to sign your paperwork from wherever you are, I’m always happy to help.